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Preparing for the summer trip to Rwanda/Uganda each year is a good template for the Soulographie escapade, and likely gave rise to the structural dream. The budget always starts at zero; the first steps forward always involve an articulation and re-articulation of purposes; a team builds around affinity with these ideas; and then the work of making-luck and hard, logistical effort commences. Grants are written (through the schools involved, through grants-at-large). Personal fundraising cranks up (now extended, sometimes madly, sometimes effectively, through indiegogo, Kickstarter…). And – where we’re at now – folks who have been notionally involved deepen their reality of their commitment (e.g. buy plane tickets) and this eclectic group is invited into ensemble. Who is coming from where, staying for how long and to what purpose starts to come into clearer focus. We have folks joining from CalArts and Brown, also faculty from Georgetown and possibly UT Dallas, and independent artists from San Francisco and NY.


We discover silence the way noise discovers us – by surprise. Changing location is a surprise; changing form self to collective is also key. A collective orientation, surprised at the silence in and around their circumference, give rise to language – at least to a new hello.

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