champ vital

Went last night to a great performance by EAR Unit; they played a piece by David Rosenboom called champ vital. He writes –


“The words champ vital and life field are meant to stimulate our imagining a global morphogenic field in which all living phenomena are manifested as individual singularities. As is also the case with gravitational and electromagnetic fields, it is meaningless to ascribe specific qualities to individual entities in the champ vital. Rather these qualities acquire meaning only as descriptions of dynamically evolving relationships among the entities. Furthermore, the champ vital can be imagined to have ist own dynamically evolving forms, which emerge from the phenomena of couplings among individuals and to which we assign our own invented labels, like symbiosis, predation, parasitism, sexuality, bonding, territoriality, aggression and altruism. From this, a particular way of viewing history, evolution and tensions underlying possible futures for life ensues.”



In praise of the artificial –


“All forms are perfect in the poet’s mind, but these are not abstracted or compounded from Nature; they are from Imagination.” – Blake



Baudelaire’s Philosophy of Toys – To what extent do we allow the Toy Fairy (our early infatuation with the godlike fake) to be our permanent muse?



Why does the Sandman steal our eyes? So we will not be tempted to move from dream to reality too soon; so that we will not attempt to move the dream in reality, but rather vise versa?



For a quick overview on Gerardi (per Architecture – it came up at Dixon) see:



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