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Erik Ehn: Soulographie
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This epic volume presents the 17 plays of Erik Ehn’s SOULOGRAPHIE: OUR GENOCIDES. Ehn’s approach is through “the marriage of heaven and hell,” creating a ceremonial and even beautiful space to face and absorb this seam of human behavior. The result is an uncommon kind of art: both deeply ethical and aesthetically free. The book will be released on Nov. 11 in conjunction with the production of the full cycle at La MaMa E.T.C. in New York City.

“Soulographie is an audacious and devastating achievement, sustained by Erik Ehn’s commitment to lyricism in the face of brutality. The strongest characters in his cycle—signaling through the flames from Rwanda, El Salvador, Tulsa, and many other ruined landscapes—resist pain and shame with their inviolate imaginations. In metaphor they achieve grace. Their dialogue, each line a koan opening onto marvelous new worlds, demands patience—what Ehn once called “slow hearing.” The spectator who practices it models an attentiveness that itself protests a culture of indifference.” — Marc Robinson, Yale University

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