border radio

Hellaciously hot down here by the Guadalupe, but jump in the water and thrive.


At the end of your life nothing at all needs to have succeeded except for the persistence of conversation, chiefly the conversation with silence, meaning – the space you have made for listening. Performance is a way of creating silence, silence that listens – Even chaotic mass action is dosed with silence, in that it pulls us from chatter to a joyful noise, and that noise (when not irresponsible, and sure, there’s room for some kindly irresponsibility too) is a signal, is a radio tower, is set up to draw down the singular sound that actually gathers to chord, to perfectly unified chord that we here, crowded caffeinated, sweaty and eager in the DJ booth, can only approach from our cross border pirate position. A play is a way of organizing sound towards silence, a silence to which the play and audience listen to exactly equally.


If reviews have any value, then plays should likewise review an audience, in the interest of parity.


And – are we still enough? Is our silence active and activist (meaning, are we busy making stillness and space)?

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