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A good friend just forwarded Todd London’s Excellent overview of the revolutionary spirit in American Theater, from the POV of American movements. He name-checks Herbert Blau at the top (his appeal for an Impossible Theater); Blau spoke to the same themes at a CalArts graduation a few years back, and went beyond the scope of Todd’s particular focus to include Bauhaus, Fluxus, Black Mountain. Todd’s list has on it: Hull-House, Hallie Flannagan, WEB Dubois and KRIGWA, the Public Theater, the Living Theater, La MaMa, the Wooster Group, Steppenwolf, many others.


Thoughts on what structures contribute to the current structures in terms of revolutionary content (the ability to be alive, in discourse with the culture)?


I’ve always put Catholic Worker and other anarchist movements in there (Haymarket and Stonewall); music movements (jazz, rock, punk, blues, bluegrass…); movements affecting domestic space are very interesting – Habitat for Humanity, back to the land movements; US based religious movements and figures – Elizabeth Seton, Mary Baker Eddy, Mormonism, Native American Church.


BACA, Frontera, Campesino, Campo Santos, Undermain, Sledgehammer, Annex, Woolly Mammoth, Automata, Thieves’, Red Moon, Los Mojados… Dah, Yuyachkani, Belarus Free Theater


NPN, New Dramatists, Les Halles (Europe), Playwrights Center Playwrights Foundation…


How should the index to our manifesto read?

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