biari bye-bye

Last day of the BIARI.


5 things about writing for performance.


  1. The purpose of critique is to cause more writing.

The purpose of anthropology is to cause more life, the purpose of discourse is to make space for more speech (the methodology of discourse is listening). A function of writing is to critique writing (to cause more).

  1. Your means of production (including the forms in your writing) are at the heart of your meaning-production. How you produce is what you mean.

A play pointing to poverty but produced in conditions of wealth is about conditions of wealth.

  1. The purpose of art is to cause social seeing.

Meaning (as a gerund, like sound-ing) is communitarian. Meanings (nouns) are less interesting – they are frequently subject to appropriation as private property. But making meaning is dynamic, and is restless in the medium of society.

  1. We see what changes (what moves against a background of what it is not).

The thing observed/represented is ideally simple, like a seed or egg (Zeami), but, like such – represents all it may become and all that produced it – the thing itself is in a perpetual state of change. The vanishing point of simplicity is the absolute – which is infinite. That which is stable (moralistic, for example) always invites unnecessary complexity – it attempts to stabilize itself at the expense of everything around it. Institutional thinking (linear narrative), in attempting stability, spoils time and causes blindness in plundering haphazardly all available resources to dam change; institutions always fail; mysticism (simplicity) always evolves.

  1. The purpose of art is to cause social change.

Art that doesn’t offer critique, that is unaware of and ungenerous in its means of production, art that disregards community organizing, art that is not multivalent (interdisciplinary in the old term, and open to multiple interpretations), is material torn out of the world to support the specious stability of the state or other organs of Force.

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