beyond unknowns

This week’s Tenderloin Opera Company song – written in collaboration with people who are homeless, homeless advocates, and Brown students…

My Song is Love Unknown

What is love? First and foremost
An action
Stern action
With quickness
On any given moment of time in life,
And that’s love: beyond unknowns

Tranquility leaps and unfoils
To a peace of mind
Which un-leads
To the beauty of nature
That revolves to
Thy free

And beyond – Victory!
I’ll say ya’ll gotta have
A victory
Tent city
Justice finally won

Life is full of sacrifice
Love is given from above
Hope is the substance of the beauty
In things we cannot see

Tent city
On the start of our journey
On the path
I will stand and fine-tune
My speech
A story
Of where I’ve been
Giving power to the beauty
In what used to be – invisibilty
Learning the message hidden in between
And beyond –

I’ll say ya’ll gotta have
A victory.
Tent city
Justice finally won

Surrounding me’s a trilogy
That makes my life complete:
Love, being loved, and the love story
Giving love back ten fold
Surrounding me daily
It fortifies me
A story forever told

When we’re sharing love
It birds the heart with understanding
People helping others, someone succeeding

The travels of life continue
Through twisted paths
Where we encounter
The bizarre ordering nightmares
Of what we see

So here I am traveling slowly
Walking by the traps and the hurt
There’s now a path too familiar
One I pray I’ll avert

We walk by faith and not by sight
Listen to birds
Sun like insight across the PVD
I lose faith in everything except tranquility
A five-week-old girl draws my face, invisibly

Faith is patience in the night
Waiting for the morning light
Never giving up the fight!
Beyond – Victory!
I’ll say ya’ll gotta have
A victory
Tent city
Justice finally won

Love, love, love your fellow man
Help him
And change things if you can

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