baz – 3/10/14

From Helen Nicholson’s Applied Drama – The Gift of Theater


[In distinguishing performance studies from performance management…] Performance management’s drive for efficiency and productivity has appropriated Friere’s argument that an oppressive society naturalises characteristics such as laziness and ignorance, and turned them into a system which supports a capitalist economy. (48) Personal qualities such as honesty and integrity are not [treated as] values in themselves, but measures of ‘success’ and ‘positive results’, which will increase productivity. (49)


The emphasis on marginality in drama education and applied drama has not, by and large, taken account of the potential slippage of liminality into conservatism, or of how quickly theater practices and pedagogies once regarded as ‘alternative’ become absorbed into the mainstream. (47)


‘How can performance, in being always implicated in the dominant, avoid replicating the values of the dominant?’ – Baz Kershaw (44)


Silence is difficult to buy and sell; silencing is a tool of domination, but our silence is based as an optional contemplative invitation…

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