Getting ready to head out to DC to work with force/collision – who are taking on Shape. They have been a pleasure to work with telekinetically… Although John Moletress directed some St. Plays (including a new one on Jonestown), and was at the last DC retreat – the Shape process has unfolded independently so far. f/c has been busy – they’ve just completed a gorgeous site-specific piece staged outdoors in the Nauticual Yards. Check them out at


The company brings real strength to anarchy, which has something to do with the conversations at Soul Central around the idea of performing all our pieces (on the first or second weekend) in a continuous 24 hr stretch. Speaking to the logic of this – it is coherent and full of energy, but not beholden to an exclusive point of view – the plays can only be know in their happening, in the stream of performance. Reading Mohammad Bamyeh’s Anarchy as Order this morning –


“The fundamentals of anarchist thought are all ingrained in defining things by their movement. The thing is its exercise. That is true not only for power. It is just as true for any social concept. Humanity is just the exercise of humanity. Humanity recognizes something as part of its nature only if it sees itself to be capable of exercising it. These exercises, then, are encapsulated in an ever-expanding repertoire of stories and parables – not unified theories – that catalogue the vast range of motion of humanity.”


The idea of the series as an expanding repertoire of stories and parables feels right; the repertoire in our case being expanded by this site, by the conversations during the performances, by the various associated memorial actions (Virginia Tech), by the Soul Melt… How can we provide a sense of expansiveness (not reductiveness – also not randomness) in a time of the Tiny Bit?

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