Stunning musical work being done in Maria Kizito/Providence (Mendelsohn); a generous open rehearsal that invited audience in as collaborators on staging exercises…


Already dumbfounding wealth here at Heart of the Beast (MN) and I haven’t even seen the show yet! (Hidebound – Heimstead). Alison showed me the space, the puppets… There are some really I have to say genius silhouettes cut by a woman named Hannah (I’ll get her full name for you) – one for each show.  The hope is we can bring them with us to NY; they’re just right – graphically clear without being descriptive or reductive.


Today’s picture: Otis Clark – a survivor of the Tulsa action against African Americans; he died at 109 last May, having lived to see delayed account, weak apology, no reparations and – a leeching out of energy for justice’s full gesture.


Words today: Parrhesia (saying it all; Hans Urs von Balthasar translates it as “omniloquence”). This is the word from which we are made, and it’s the word we’re trying to return. It is indecipherable to our ears; there’s a kind of obscurity in writing that aspires to parrhesia; the risk – that we stop short at just saying a bunch of stuff, instead of everything; this makes for vagueness and pretense. Coltrane played long not to go long but to get to the one note that’s all notes. Or, that’s what my ear is going to.


Also from von Balthasar – maybe every reversal in a play is from the ethical to the spirtual? Realizing that virtue/vice is less in what we do than in what is done in and through us by out consent?


Wish you were in Providence! Wish you were in Minneapolis!

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