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The bus ride from Kigali to Kampala went a little longer than usual – slow at the border. 11 hrs total, redeemed in the end by 4 straight hours of American pro-wrestling video from 2007… good to catch up! Up my alley, but I think it may have caused hallucinations elsewhere in the vehicle. If anybody knows how the rematch between Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle turned out, tell me; we arrived just before the long-hyped match took place…


At Ndere Center; gracious surroundings. In about an hour we head downtown; Centre x Centre Uganda is working through its first iteration, with a focus on readings and workshops.


The shape of the Uganda trip – looking at 3 models of community organizing: theatrical (Kampala – Theatre Factory, the National Theatre, Ndere, others…), economic/political (a school/collective farm for returning refugees in the north, at River Blue), and religious (the Abayudaya Jewish center in Mbale in the east).


Strong partnerships. Many thanks esp to JB and Albert…

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