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Back home after an epic series of flights; another strong summer. Some RW/UG highlights have been noted – the dance in Lira, the unexpected deepening of the Nyamata account, the strength of the Umoja company at CxC Rwanda… Also the gift of a chicken to Robert, proxied to Flavia, the infant circumcision at Abayudaya (I specify infant – and male – because there is also a strong local custom that circumcises young men at 17, a fascinating overlap of traditions navigated with great openness and grace by Rabbi Gershom – the community is Conservative and the manner is gregarious…). But among the greatest steps forward is the local ownership of CxC, and a kind of contagious enthusiasm for it. CxC Uganda launched its inaugural version with a budget of basically zero (on our end we were able to host a team from Hope North to the festival, a very positive exchange); Rwanda is humming like a top, with roles clarified and mission further articulated. The event up north sparks interest in a North/North-Central edition – which would be a part of newly opened channels of communication between these regions.




Late night, around a fire* – our Ugandan team, largely from Kampala, stood, held hands, and offered a formal apology to George Ongom (head of River Blue and active in Lira region politics) for the South’s blindness to events up north. The news was out there; there was a failure of attention/empathy.


Just back last night, but already can’t wait to see what’s next.


*I direct this to Moira, but put it out there at large…


Rat moved (for me) to AOW/More Life (the Rw/Ug exchange) – both ten-year initiatives, the latter not yet through its course. Next research project – domestic theater (returning, actually, to a federation of theaters that offer room, board and familial structures)… also – an annual gathering that includes camping, ad hoc performance, and a campfire (cf, Strummer) which should start next summer. And looking forward to the Silence Riots of 2014.



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