[just wrapped a 4 day silent retreat with ‘pata at nacl; another beautiful group; ‘pata mojo is mighty. finished working through some ideas in cixous, below… aug 1, for me, is the start of the real soulographie slalom – about 3 months out and the momentum is – envigorating!]


From Nothing (origin, School of the Dead), to Something (finding our way, navigating – School of Dreams), to (nearly) the Thing – the School of Roots… From available space, to a journeying, to a decisiveness – still and always in the dark – the not-yet named… In the spirit of inversion, Cixous’ tree starts at the vibrating leaves, moves into the sap, down to the seed (a cause, an original and recognizable mystery), and to an expansion in the original, chaotic, creative space. A root system represents an underground image of the spreading branches – a far flung searching and fastness in the dark – or what the world calls darkness but is where you spread out, are secure, weightless, un-anxious. Every exploration makes you more secure, at home. There is a flung-open state of levity… School of Roots: discovery of who you are in dark-levity


Many development processes start with nearly-the-Thing and move it (heal it towards) the Thing itself – completely outside the writing process. Hard to blame them – many aren’t writers… Rather than start with an approximation of your final project, start through a process of radical unknowing…

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