Back home. Last event: we came in a few motley groups by tram to a football stadium at the edge of town; night, rain threatening. The stadium of flagrant with light, from a distance. drawing closer – kids, adults playing for fun on he practice fields. The noise form the main event inside starts to boil up. Team songs, waves of amazement/disappointment, foot stomping. We file in and – the field is empty except for a naked man lying where one of the goals should be – but all equipment has been removed. We can’t get that close – the field is closed off. He looks real – but it’s so cold that it would be too much to assume that he wouldn’t shudder. We can’t see him breathing. We watch for several minutes, thinking that the action will escalate or expand. The music instead starts to leach out… it devolves to a slow, loud industrial beat. Then the lights start to go out. There’s enough ambient illumination for us to see the body – still immobile (and looking increasingly like a thing, like a made thing). The music runs out of itself… There’s nothing to do but to be chilly and confused in the midst of emptiness. Sublime! Some younger kids have come to the show – they don’t want it to end, so they start singing football songs, and playing diverse music from their uplifted cell phones, as if an impromptu sound track could drive the event on… It did, in a sense – gave us all an excuse to stay. But eventually it became clear that nothing additional would “happen” – and small groups began to peel away until there was critical mass for a conclusion.


The guy in the field was a living guy. I met him afterwards – shocked to see him human-sized. He looked alternately gigantic and tiny on the field. Nice guy! But on the field – he was Achillean for a while. As far as Soulographie goes –the piece shines light especially on Dogsbody, which started with a sense of the Iliad (via Weil). The simplicity, scale, and declarative quality (the prone body as a statement so direct it precedes judgment; the dropped body as – the dropped body) invite awe in the face of Force. And a gift to know the fallen figure (in this case) was saved (rode the tram back with us).




For a sound that’s large, asymmetrical and pleasantly strange: “I’m Saved” by the Silver Harpes.

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