Heading to TX tomorrow for one hot slowed moment. Wishing you slowness.


Clarifying from earlier some ideas around memorial – the day’s guiding esthetic.


It is empty, ecological, simple, and generative.


Empty in the sense that it makes a shape that directs focus to what has not yet come into being. It has lots of nothing in it, like Jungs’ first Sermon to the Dead. It is made of listening.


Ecological – meaning dependent on diversity of perspective; it doesn’t judge (is vulnerable to mis-use). Its “is” is the living space of what was, and the chaotic system is pure opportunity, energy crossing energy as strings of meanings loop and devise all possible realities (not all possible meanings; all possible realities).


Simple – What we used to call interdisciplinary, but the word isn’t fast enough. Simplicity is an esthetic condition whereby the physics of the system draws all interpretation down to an un-dimensioned space prior to interpretation – the interpretation discards itself as historical having bent time back around to what gave rise to it. A black hole is simple; a fair amount of late Johnny Cash is simple.


Generative – A memorial, like Blanchot’s disaster, writes the reader. Neither the specator, the object, nor the maker remember, we are re-membered in the space the system makes. The recent puppet show Kamp is like this? (see UConn conf. notes…)

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