My gosh, it has been a few days; apologies for the delay. Our seventh Arts in the One World just wrapped up again, with nice food and good people in relaxed conversation about art and: how we are putting it at the center of our lives, how we are building homes for/with our art, how our art enters civics (through the lens of the special case of art in the prisons, and how we can live a long time as artists. I’ll be working on the notes, but highlights include and endorsement of: a) forgiveness (of ourselves, and of our obstacles – that we not have a false sense of either, but that we clear a space for creation that is so anarchic/unedited it is free from even complaint – as a starting place); b) family (we’ve hit on this in past conferences – the notion that intentional family is a more flexible and practical model of theater administration than industrial/financial structures); c) the local/global (to be happy at home – your home town, local vocabulary, get out from time to time; and bring the world to you); and d) as always, the test of a theater: does it have a kitchen and a bedroom?


This Wed at 7:30, at Dixon Place, Laurie O’Brien is showing a work-in-progress version of her Soulographie play – The Architecture of Great Cathedrals. Come on by! I’ll see you there…

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