apology ecology

[notes – thinking about a line from borges; a slightly different angle on forgiveness; and reparations]

All things are revealed to all people, by disregarding whole geographies in himself and squandering revelation. This refusal or fast is displayed as self-sacrifice, but is a weapon. Lack of stewardship is a key weapon of a state; manipulation and strategic ruin of the ecology always a trope in not just destruction but oppression.

What’s an apology? What’s an effective apology? An apology is a request that you be remembered for what you’ve done wrong, and loved (or regarded if you don’t define seeing as love) for what you are prior to your action, for the will that wills you, or as if the body that includes you is beautiful though you have proven yourself the vent.

An effective apology refrains from asking the latter victim for forgiveness; tasks the original victim with forgiveness. Asks, but doesn’t require the victim to demonstrate forgiveness.

Survival is forgiveness – that’s what it looks like – it may be full of sullenness and dysfunction; confusion…

In Oklahoma (article on the riot in NYT recently) – the city is trying to keep the survivors from surviving by taking history away. There will be no apology. Waiting for the survivors to die. Slowing memorialization down.

Polluted, improper or abridged memorialization is in the genocide tool box.

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