gaping – 4/4/14


“Christ summoned Paul and spoke to him. He could have straightaway disclosed the road to perfection. He chooses instead to send him to Ananias and tells him to discover the way of truth from him: ‘Get up. Go into the city, and there you will be told what you must do’ (Acts 9:6).”

I come across this event in Acts again and again… A call to civics, also indirection (gaps/gaping/agape). This is from a chapter on discernment… Truth comes in the sideways route; silence can help makes space that lets the sideways in. To learn what we need to learn (even if it’s to learn how much work lies ahead, how difficult our path will be) – we sometimes need to get up and go – go out the side door, go on a journey we didn’t expect, and listen to a stranger (listen to the strange). Silence can open the side door.

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